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SEC Adopts Crowdfunding Rules

The crowdfunding movement in the United States has largely  been a system of pre-sales brand new or young companies can use get a product to market or prove they are worth someone’s venture capital.  It will be great to see some new crowdfunding structures develop that involve some equity and ownership.

This article from the Journal of Accountancy give some details on how the system will work.


What is the Small Business Administration?

Justin Farmer,  over at Private Practice Transitions has been doing a great series of articles on his blog.  I wanted to highlight a couple of those here because they summarize a couple topics my clients frequently ask me about.

The first two I’ll share deal with the SBA and SBA lending:

What is the Small Business Administration (SBA)

5 Steps to Secure SBA Financing

Photography Tax Guide

The Washington State Department of Revenue has published a Photography Tax Guide.  It answers a number of the questions I get on a regular basis and is a good resource for photographers when they have a question.

It can be accessed here.

Contact me if you have questions that go beyond the information covered in the guide or just need some clarification.