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Estimated Payments – The Other Ways to Pay

Are you tired of looking for the paper vouchers your CPA sent you 8 months ago?  Need to send a different amount than your CPA printed on the originals because business is booming this year?  Just don’t have paper checks anymore and don’t trust the post office?

The IRS has a few electronic options for you, take a look:

  1.  Use the IRS Direct Pay system:
  2. Sign up for EFTPS: 
  3. Get the IRS2Go App:

Made To Create PNW & Riley G Designworks

Riley G Designworks has come on board as one of the sponsors of Made to Create!  The company has pitched in two straps for us to give away at the workshop!

The first  strap will be given to a lucky attendee of my breakout session on business, accounting, and taxes!  The second will be given away to a random attendee of the workshop!

In addition, Riley G is offering a discount code as part of their sponsorship.  Use madetocreate20 at checkout for a 20% discount on all their products!

Riley G camera straps are rugged, dependable, and uber-stylish.

We will be giving the a Brown and Blue Speed Racer and Throwback Brown straps pictured below!  Check out more styles at

IMG_8929 copy